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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hot Fantasy Football 2014 Sleepers to Draft

Panthers Defense Obviously, Cam "Superman" Newton is the man in Carolina, but the defense is what fuels that engine. The Carolina Panthers finished 12-4 last season thanks to their No. 2 ranked defense in the National Football League. The Panthers' offense will be without Steve Smith and Brandon LaFell, so they will be depending on their defense to win games more than ever. Linebacker Luke Kuechly is the defending Defensive Player of the Year and after the Seattle Seahawks, this defense is worth a first round selection. Jamaal Charles Charles is one of the best all around backs in the league, but he is underrated. Most people mention Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch as the must-pick first round fantasy stars. With Andy Reid running the show in Kansas City, the possibilities are endless. Reid once coached Brian Westbrook, who was also a fantastic runner and pass catcher. Last season, Charles was the leading rusher and receiver for the Chiefs. Fantasy players won't have to worry about him getting enough touches. Philip Rivers Even though Rivers is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, he's underrated and usually undervalued. He's a Top Five fantasy quarterback and plays in the AFC West, a division that doesn't exactly feature the best defenses. Rivers is throwing to great targets such as Antonio Gates and Keenan Allen. Rivers is also a very dependable and reliable quarterback who doesn't miss games. This pocket passing quarterback isn't mobile, but he is very effective. Michael Floyd With Carson Palmer's inability to throw the accurate deep ball, Larry Fitzgerald is a risky pick. Instead, why not go with Michael Floyd? Floyd had a team-leading 1,041 receiving yards last season, nearly 100 more yards than Fitzgerald. Floyd is a speedy receiver who catches a lot of underneath balls. It's a safe pick because Palmer will be throwing his way a lot in a division that loves to get to the quarterback and double team Fitzgerald.

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