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Thursday, November 26, 2015

If you're playing any tournaments tomorrow id take a shot on Lance Moore. Under 10% owned on a short slate with some decent upside. #dfs #FF

If you're playing any tournaments tomorrow id take a shot on Lance Moore. Under 10% owned on a short slate with some decent upside. #dfs #dk

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Best Fantasy Football Picks! | NFL Show 2

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Sunday, November 8, 2015

#Gronk Is Big Time #fantasyfootball

Please RGronk is putting up some Big Time stats this season at DraftKings. To help you start putting up Big Time numbers with your lineups, check out DKTV’s weekly NFL strategy videos to help you elevate your game.T & Share w/ fellow Howard Stern Fans . Help support Blog Shop @ Amazon Click above on Amazon Links . THX

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Best Fantasy Football Team Names for 2015 #fantasyfootballteamnames

win over the hearts of your fellow players by having a truly funny, silly, crazy, cool or dirty fantasy football team name. - See more at King Kong Suh Vick, Jamaal, Britt, Bowe & Collie - falalala la la la la Sour Carimi and Onion Ocho Sinkhole I have a few Pryors Death at the Net Bench Warmers Pass the Blount Mr. Rodgers' Neighborhood If There's Gresham the Field Play Ball Deers N' Beers Roethlisberger's TheRapist Ball Busters Suh Me Romo Witten His Pants We Got Osama
Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air DeMarco Bill Murray RAVENS SUGGS KOCH No Talent Ass Clowns High as Josh Gordon Busta Kaepernick In Yo Ass HaHa Monica Loves Clinton Dix Jerry Ball Sack Kush Gordon Coples Therapy Jamaalocaust Survivor Cam Insider Weekly White Cassel In the Garden of Weeden Desgnated Driver Make It Wayne Julio Think You Are? Own Goal Multiple Scoregasms The Playbook of Eli Shefter's Source A Boy Named Suh Chambers A Dingo Ate My Brady Prepare for the Clinton-Dix Teach me how to Dougie BEN There Raped that Tebows Young Bush Forsett Down Her Throat 2 Mannings, One Cup flash men The Big Legursky Eddie Royale Pimpin Aint Easley Peeping Tomlinson The Sears Hightower Breesus, King Of The Drews ORANGE JULIO Josh Gordon Smokes LaGarrette Blounts Something to Ponder The Arian Brotherhood Tatupu Platter The Ball Hawgs The ShawShaincoe Redemption The Joy of Rex Charles in Charge Wam Bam Thank You Cam Foster: Australian for Touchdown Favre From Gone Not my Forte Dirt Off Your Tolbert Domo arigato Umenyiora Kiwanuka No Faulkin Chance Succup and Swallow Drankin Forte’s A Little Bush On My Johnson Let Zach Ertz Put You In The Driver’s Seat\ Blue's Kluwes You're Mom goes to Colledge Snyder’s Cash for Clunkers Stephen Cooper Advertising Sherman Incompletion Act Orton Hears a Who Forsett Down Her Throat OJ's Slashers and Dashers Troubled Bridgewaters Devin the Mul-Hester Drinkin’ Fortes Breakin 2 Electric Legedu Breaking Bademosi Show me your TD's Chris Chambers of Secrets Don't Touch my Johnny Manziel OMG They Killed Kenny Britt God Bless Amukamara Sproles Royce Corn on the Kolb Burleson Coat Factory Turner Ovie & Forsett Barber for my bush I need a Shanahan Job Brees Through The Competition Hush Lil Baby Jones-Drew Cry The Rusty Trombones Da BIG D Boyz TD's in your face W.D. Forte Herrreee’s Johnny Manziel You Kaepernick The future More Cushing for the Pushin Multiple Gore-gasms Kansas City Chefs Henne Baked Ham DeMarco Polo Cassel Greyskull Flacc-o Lanterns Too Legit to Britt Patience, Don't Forsett Romosexual Tendacies out there insomniacs The Stars of the Headless Horsemen Plaxico is a Freeman I'm Jones-Drewing Me Shopping at Lacy's Rex can kiss our feet San Francisco ers Huge Ditka No the Helu didn't Can't keep a Blackmon down Favre Dollar FootLong Newton's Law of Motion Psycho Ward Smoke a Bowe, Drink a Forte What Would Jones-Drew? Welkers Texas Rangers Gronk if you love Breesus Cash4Gould Dez-ed and Confused Goodell killed the football star In Emery We Trest Newton Cam On You Chip's Madden Team Schaub on my Knob, Like Corn on the Kolb Still Witten The Bed Mike Oxaswellen Wet Dream Team Revis and Butt-Head I Dream of Beanie Tiki's Interns TEBOW STEAK Talib it to Beaver Roger Goodell's Flag Football Team I'm thinking RBs I’m gonna Jacquizz all over yo’ Tates Soup-A-Stars Don Julio Jones Tequila Pete Carol's Bubble Gum Erect Dicker Get a Kluwe Your a Romosexual Tebow’s Youth Group Multiple Goregasms Garcon Daly Marshall Law Hali of Fame Vilma, the Bounty Hunter Chronic Masterdeflater Check My Balls Discount Belichick ​I Spygate Marcus Mari...otto Jamaal About That Bass My Ball Zach Ertz Turn Down for Watt JJ S.W.A.T.T. Team 1.21 JJ WATTS The JPP Fireworks Incident You Down With JPP? Hernandez Hit Men Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam! You Kaepernick the Future The Walking Dez Dez Does Dallas Erect Dicker Geno 911! Show Me Your TDs Multiple Goregasms InstaJimmyGraham Ladies and Edelman Julio Think you are? Backfields and McCoys My Favorite Marshawn InGorious Staffords Mike Vick in a box Montee can buy you happiness My Percy’s on Broadway In a Van Down by the Rivers Beats by Ray Le’Veon a Prayer Pitch a Trent Drake's New Favorite Team Mount Douchemore Waka Flacco Flame U Mad Bro? Taste My Rainbow 12th Man Records Bout That Action, Boss Trolling Crabtree Kung Suh PandaKung Suh Panda Suh Girls, One Cup Boy Named Suh Vince Young's Steakhouse Cry Me a Rivers Connecticut Cholos It's a Hard Gronk Life Party Like a Gronk Star We Wilfork You Wilfork Dance Party Keyshawn Beliebs No Money Manziel Brown-out Drunk Touchdown Germany Evil Empire Revis' Vineyard Bend it like Beckham Jr. OBJYN Jay-Z's My Agent Off to Tennessee the Whiz Remember the Titans I Don't Want Your Life Kissing Suzy Kolber Pouncey Bouncers Smokin' Jay Cutler Teenage Mutant Ninja Bortles Dirty Sanchez Butt-Fumblers Purple Jesus Juice Kaepernick Swag Mannings' O-Face Peyton Manning's 5-Head Omaha! Omaha! Mile High Manning Welker, Texas Ranger Sherman's Last Rant The Boldin the Beautiful Gisele's Bundchens Mr. UGG Boots Brady Gaga Call Me the Brees No Romo Monte Kiffin's 401K 80% Mental, 40% Physical Laces Out Show Me the Money Four Horsemen Titletown TDs Titletown Cheeseheads Big Ol' Bortles RG 3000 Not Racist Redskins Hard Knocks Life Motown Megatrons Somewhere Over Dwayne Bowe K.C. Kool-Aid Man Drinkin' Fortes Turn Your Head and Coughlin Tampa Bay Terminators Polk High Panthers Jim Haslem's Accountants Forgetting Brandon Marshall It's Always Runny in Philadelphia Favre Dollar Footlong Van Buren Boys Crab-leg Bootleg Makin' It Wayne Luckness Monster Irsay's $29K Red Hot Julius Peppers Slow White Bronco Going Incognito Wham, Bam, Michael Sam Straight Cash Homey You May Also Enjoy Fantasy Football 2015: Preseason Top 200 35 Funny Fantasy NASCAR Team Names for 2015 101 Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names 101 Funny Fantasy Football Team Names for 2014 More Stories: orte Oz To Freedom Tig Bitties Romopootshispants Welker Texas Ranger Ginn and Juice Mike Hunts On Fire Dustin Hellen’s Keller Geno 911! Ace Colonel Sanders She's a Britt House Every Kiss Begins with Clay Schaub on my Knob 99 Problems but a Vick Ain't One What Would Jones-Drew th and Drunk Kolb Gobblers More Cushing for the Pushing The Other A-Rod Motor City Megatron And some former favorites... Softer than a Bradys bottom Big Ben Roethlisrapers Polamalu's Hair Club Barden the Interruption Spaethed and Neutered It aint easy bein’ Breesy Brian Reed Aquatic Club Newtons Figures What's Ocho's Haynesworth JaMarcus Russellsprouts Rexual Feeling Colston Creamery Snoop Dogg's Son Ends UCLA Football Career 5 Big NFL Free Agents That Are Still Unemployed 9 Biggest Losers in Sports Amanda Dufner Is Living It Up After Divorce From Jason Dufner What Got Percy Harvin Shipped Out of Seattle Finally Revealed Gary Player Wants Fox Golf Analyst's To Take Lie Detector Tests You Might Also Like Fantasy Football Top 200